Ok, for some reason "always on top" isn't a built in feature into Windows yet... and the one that most seems to be out there is a CTRL+SPACE solution, which is a nightmare for programmers. Sooo heres a CTRL+ALT+SHIFT LEFT-CLICK solution.. took a minute to make, here enjoy everyone :) download stay-on-top.exe maybe i'll pop it on a repo so people can improve it somehow
Welp... this news is incredibly depressing to me. The entire life of the Kinect had a giant lack of caring from the Microsoft/Xbox side of things towards getting it to be a home necessity. Even if you had a Kinect device, you still had to struggle to find what games existed for that device. You'd at minimum expect that to be a category on all of the Microsoft/Xbox stores, right? And then when the Kinect 2 came out, the existing games weren't backwards compatible. So an entire generation of a device that was supposedly a goal to remain in peoples homes, had to start over from scratch to gain support. And as a Kinect developer, I know the details of what it takes for Kinect1 software to run on Kinect2, and it's basically nothing. Let alone that those games only run on XBox, not on Windows with a Kinect... so they spread themselves thinner towards the end by trying to promote this Windows version of Kinect2, and yet there was no benefit to that device existing, and plenty of downsides to... read more
Dear developers/project managers for the main browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. Please start working on torrent style browsing, or even at first just torrent style downloading. The Maelstrom project ( http://project-maelstrom.bittorrent.com/ ) has already started it. How about letting the data saving technology migrate into the hands of the general masses whom cause traffic from their browsing/videos/downloads but have no idea that these technologies exist and never will. Let alone the overall data traffic that can be cut down from the torrent technology by calling for data from the closest data sources instead of the website server that could be located anywhere in the world. It also allows developers to build their sites with torrent behavior in mind so that they are more protected from things like DOS attacks and even save money from needing CDN services that not all companies can afford. Let alone the protection against regional outages that can occur and are likely to be durin... read more
3007 counties in America, 1696 NFL players, 449 NBA players, 256 FIFA players, 616 in MLS, and how many million broken bodies, brains and dreams of players that didn't make it? Less than 1 person per county in the country makes it in professional sports. Compared to the 460,000 NCAA student-athletes who don't make a penny, even though the NCAA makes over $9 billion a year. There are more yearly millionaire lottery winners than there are new pro athletes. Yet an endless stream of people throw their lives away chasing that dream. But that's not popular talk, is it. How open each televised game with the story of one of the millions of people who threw their life away chasing that dream.
I'd guess this runs true for most ( if not all ) countries, but I'll mostly familiar with America, so I'll stick with that. There is a sport called football which is largely controlled by the NFL corporation. They took in about $13b in 2016. Not too shabby, right? As a part of that world, are millions of pieces of data that general fans and fantasy football players analyze, memorize, obsess over, converse over, etc. Of course there is a division inside the NFL dedicated to organizing all of that information so that the stats websites, fantasy football world, gambling locations and more can all keep in sync with accurate data at all times. At any time of day, there are thousands of people going over these details on websites, sports-news shows, phone apps, etc. Every which way to twist and turn these numbers so that the past can be understood, the future outcomes can be narrowed down, and profits can be made or bar sports arguments can be won. This is an industry revolving around peopl... read more
It's great that the Postgres people are trying to make improvements to the administration tools they provide. And PG Admin 3 definitely has a lot of shortcomings, mostly related to freezing/crashing. But the 4 separation they have done is cripplingly slow to navigate. One would think that an HTML based UI would be much better, because of how much easier it is to work on compared to something like C++. If I could direct the development path of PGAdmin, I would push it towards creating a layer of separations between the data logic and the view logic. Instead of compiling the view logic into the dll, the PGAdmin could be a dedicated web server to handle all the data/security that is needed for the admin, and allow anyone to branch and modify the display system. The PHPMyAdmin project shows that an open source web UI can be very nice for managing a db server. The open source community has done a good job spending years developing that project. So imagine if they split that project into 2... read more
It's funny how so many people think that their taste in music is locked in time and is the best there ever was or ever will be. Unfortunately this isn't restricted to teenagers. The world obsesses with whatever is visible to them. I'm looking through my archive of music now.. and came across a 6 cd set called "Super Dance Hits of the 90's". And trust me, all those songs that were pretty prevalent in that time have failed the test of time. Even reading their names is making me laugh because of how terrible this all sounds now. Not to mention how many of them sound almost exactly the same. The music world is just like any other corporation based industry. You hear what the decision makers think they can get you to pay to listen to. Being creative or good or original is an irrelevant aspect. The fact that generations of people abandon previous generations of music are a huge indication of music being more of a social driven thing than a taste driven choice. And why does every band see... read more
So... in Puerto Rico... in this tiny little awesome river, is a water slide that was carved naturally into the rocks over who knows how many thousands of years. It is super slippery and VERY awesome. So on one of my trips down it, I popped my GoPro on my head and did a forward flip right when I went off the end. Unfortunately the splash into the water knocked the camera off of my head and sent it falling down into the dark waters. Normally I have my diving gear with me, but I left all that stuff at the resort that day. So I ended up diving off a boulder on the other side of the water for about 10 minutes until I finally was able to find the right blurry black blob that was my camera strap, as opposed to the other rocks I grabbed on the previous dives. Lucky for me, cliff diving is one of my favorite things to do... perfect excuse :)