So far my flight departure had been delayed an hour. How many times am I going to open up apps on my phone that require internet, while I'm somewhere I know has no internet? At least I can charge my batteries... Strapped in I'm not tired, so I've started doing stupid little tinkering with things. First I moved my scuba watch to my ankle. Because it has been on my wrist constantly for about three weeks, and is getting a little bothersome while sitting here on the plane. Then I hung my Velcro lanyard on the emergency exit door handle. I usually have my phone attached to it, but it doesn't really make sense to do that right now.Hanging around in a plane I should add Velcro to my external battery packs... that would come in handy on occasion. Next I hung stuck my glasses case to the lanyard. My case has Velcro on it as well, for where I usually have it placed on the wall at home. At this point I have stated to take pictures of these things, for no reason other than something to do, and I guess add to this rant :) I'm hungry, and out of almonds, so I grab some Japanese crackers I bought as a gift and ate half box. Don't worry, I bought plenty other gifts, the supply had not been depleted. I started to become a piggy I hate being hungry on a plane! And awake... And even though I never eat this type of junk anymore, I went to McDonald's in the airport and tried to use all of my final remaining yen while filling my big fat belly! Normally, I would not have slept last night at all, in preparations for a fight coma. But it was freezing cold in Tokyo at night, so it kind of limited my activities on a week night. The fact my real camera is broken right now definitely had some influence on my limits as well. But Tokyo certainly is beautiful at night! I wish I could have photo documented it the way I normally would. I'll have to steal my way back here during warmer months, and keep my DSLR away from any risky water activities I am likely to participate in. Charge me up TokyoMy watch on my ankle is starting to cut off the circulation to my foot... time to come off, watch! If the strap had... Maybe three more slots, then it would have been fine. My replacement strap for wearing over my dry suit, is huge! No way I'm wearing that all the time. The flight ended up being delayed so long that I exited the plane and went back into the terminal. I bought a few boxes of the gift cookies I ate earlier. They were THAT good :) Along with the cookies, I bought some refrigerated chocolate mixed with green tea. It was treated as if to be an amazing dessert, but I want very impressed. Green ice cream chocotastic I shared as much of it with my fellow travelers as possible. But before picking up the candy, I also made another run to McDonald's. Yes, I am a giant fat ass monster. The flight delay ended up being a total of 3 hours. But they served dinner an hour into the flight. So right about now I'm pretty sure my stomach is going to explode, like a scene from "The Meaning of Life". Which I have not seen in ages, and should probably take action to remedy. Landing three hours late is really going to mess up my planned day. Flight delays are miserable. Tokyo goodbye