It's funny how so many people think that their taste in music is locked in time and is the best there ever was or ever will be. Unfortunately this isn't restricted to teenagers. The world obsesses with whatever is visible to them. I'm looking through my archive of music now.. and came across a 6 cd set called "Super Dance Hits of the 90's". And trust me, all those songs that were pretty prevalent in that time have failed the test of time. Even reading their names is making me laugh because of how terrible this all sounds now. Not to mention how many of them sound almost exactly the same. The music world is just like any other corporation based industry. You hear what the decision makers think they can get you to pay to listen to. Being creative or good or original is an irrelevant aspect. The fact that generations of people abandon previous generations of music are a huge indication of music being more of a social driven thing than a taste driven choice. And why does every band seem to feel it is up to them to re-record songs by other bands that were hits when new? I doubt anyone ever thought "I sure love this song! But I just wish someone would sing these lyrics to a sort of similar beat with a horrible voice"