It's great that the Postgres people are trying to make improvements to the administration tools they provide. And PG Admin 3 definitely has a lot of shortcomings, mostly related to freezing/crashing. But the 4 separation they have done is cripplingly slow to navigate. One would think that an HTML based UI would be much better, because of how much easier it is to work on compared to something like C++. If I could direct the development path of PGAdmin, I would push it towards creating a layer of separations between the data logic and the view logic. Instead of compiling the view logic into the dll, the PGAdmin could be a dedicated web server to handle all the data/security that is needed for the admin, and allow anyone to branch and modify the display system. The PHPMyAdmin project shows that an open source web UI can be very nice for managing a db server. The open source community has done a good job spending years developing that project. So imagine if they split that project into 2 parts so the data layer and the UI layer were completely independent. So then the UI could be branched and enhanced/skinned by people who only have UI ideas and don't have time to worry about the data layer. All I'm saying is treat the admin like how most distributed libraries are. Each library handle one thing, but setup to utilize each other. package : PGAdminServer package : PGAdminApi package : PGAdminUI Or something along those lines... I'd much rather use my browser tabs to be in multiple places in my database at the same time, instead of new app windows or in-app tabs that function in their own specialized way. The UI race has been won, and blue ribbon goes to the browsers :) And it would certainly be likely that the open source world would work on a mobile friendly UI, if all the skill they need is browser languages.