Welp... this news is incredibly depressing to me. The entire life of the Kinect had a giant lack of caring from the Microsoft/Xbox side of things towards getting it to be a home necessity. Even if you had a Kinect device, you still had to struggle to find what games existed for that device. You'd at minimum expect that to be a category on all of the Microsoft/Xbox stores, right? And then when the Kinect 2 came out, the existing games weren't backwards compatible. So an entire generation of a device that was supposedly a goal to remain in peoples homes, had to start over from scratch to gain support. And as a Kinect developer, I know the details of what it takes for Kinect1 software to run on Kinect2, and it's basically nothing. Let alone that those games only run on XBox, not on Windows with a Kinect... so they spread themselves thinner towards the end by trying to promote this Windows version of Kinect2, and yet there was no benefit to that device existing, and plenty of downsides to it. Not compatible with Xbox, no games/applications existed for it... a total waste of a project which had no chance. So even though the VR world is being focused on now... I really don't think it will reach any sort of level that Kinect COULD have reached if it was properly organized. The entire Wii system was essentially a low budget Kinect. All those games could run on Kinect technology and Wii was a giant seller! Or even more projects overlaying the Kinect controls to existing games would have furthered the life of the Kinect if it could exist on the XBox games. Just in my spare time I was able to write my own code to play Street Fighter, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and basically any old game that didn't need precise controls. Playing Mike Tysons Punchout on Kinect was AWESOME! And that's just me in my spare time ( which I have/had VERY little of! ). And the many independent projects out there that people made were incredible! I think a giant part of the failure of continued adoption was greed. If the amazing collection of random toys that people made were easily available inside the XBox store, then there would have been a giant extra collection of things for people to be interested in trying out, then those people would bleed over into the normal big-studio publications area. The surviving Just Dance game for Kinect is nice and seems to be the only option now and even they are incredibly lazy with their development. Their artwork and performances are amazing. But they clearly put the very minimum amount of effort into the UI/UX and the display technology. You are literally just watching a video file with a few UI overlays. Instead of making their graphics/footage driven by technology which could re-use the repeated graphics and animations. The XBox is used to playing full screen 3d games, and yet for some reason Ubisoft doesn't bother to let it do simple 2d video logic with it? So if you pay for their "Unlimited" service. Which is the name of their server, not a description. You are watching slow streaming videos that have problems of repeated pauses during gameplay and low resolution videos. Dance moves/graphics repeat themselves often. Which is expected because that's how dancing and songs work. So simple repeating of the sections of dance that repeat, and background graphics that repeat... problem solved! So anyways... in my opinion.. green and lack of forethought is what killed the Kinect. So we're back to video games being ONLY sitting down and fattening up our society and most typically our children.