Computer Password SecurityUnless the site you have a password on is still stupid enough to store an unencrypted version of your password, or have the very old security of only caring about the first 8 characters... what matters in password security is length of the password and how un-guessable it is. So here is a little tip to you all in order to give you more secure passwords that are also easier to remember. Pick a 3+ word phrase that you remember for whatever reason, but not one you use in life
  • RubberBabyBuggyBumpers
choose a pattern to capitilize those words against
  • FirstLetter
  • sEcondlEtter
  • thIrdleTter
etc... pick some numbers to mix in
  • 1Rubber2Baby3Buggy4Bumpers5
Maybe even go crazy and add some puncuation
  • Rubber.Baby.Buggy.Bumpers.1999
remember it write them in the password input donít waste your time with stupid nonsense randomness like ďxR59tre1Ē itíll just make it harder to remember, and be confused with a license plate And don't use the same phrase on more than one site/app/whatever! If you have trouble with remembering the different passwords you use, figure out a pattern to go with. Site #1: RedRubberBabyBuggyBumpers4Me! Site #2: BlueRubberBabyBuggyBumpers4You! or... Site #1: RubberBabyBuggyBumpers4Frank! Site #2: RubberBabyBuggyBumpers4Oscar! etc etc... Just create some sort of pattern in your mind that makes sense to you and go nuts!
By: Gareth