Dear developers/project managers for the main browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. Please start working on torrent style browsing, or even at first just torrent style downloading. The Maelstrom project ( ) has already started it. How about letting the data saving technology migrate into the hands of the general masses whom cause traffic from their browsing/videos/downloads but have no idea that these technologies exist and never will. Let alone the overall data traffic that can be cut down from the torrent technology by calling for data from the closest data sources instead of the website server that could be located anywhere in the world. It also allows developers to build their sites with torrent behavior in mind so that they are more protected from things like DOS attacks and even save money from needing CDN services that not all companies can afford. Let alone the protection against regional outages that can occur and are likely to be during a time when people are in the most desperate need for information ( disasters, tragedies, attacks, etc ). This also would be a huge benefit for the free/open source world to not need as much revenue to cover hosting costs when they are merely trying to provide something helpful to the world. Imagine if Wikipedia suddenly needed a fraction of their yearly donations just to handle their massive hosting of pages that don't even really change all that often. Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, HBO Go... taking SO much of our traffic world wide would be cut into fractions if I was streaming movies from different sources within my neighborhood that are literally one connection away instead of all connections jumping across cities to whatever the nearest CDN server is for the giants. Imagine the traffic on the night of a streaming release only having to supply the initial viewer in an area as the footage hopscotches across the subsequent viewers following fairly strict rules of distance and hosts count. An entire apartment complex or high-rise would be watching the one instance of a video with their DRM rules still controlled by the source. If concepts like this don't become the norm, then our only way to continue and expand the internet as a world is to perpetually build more servers, more connections, more bandwidth, more routers, more more more more more! And that's just to maintain, not even to improve. Imagine if every student had to work with a private tutor instead of a classroom. It would never cover our needs. Food for thought. Do some good :)